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It isn't always easy to know how to advance your business, but with the right marketing company, you can create a company you can be proud of. I started focusing on my own business about a year ago, and by working with an online marketing business, I was able to completely transform things for myself. Within a few short months, people were learning about our business and gravitating towards our online store, and I was happy to see how much of a difference it made. Read this blog to learn more about marketing and how to move your business into the online world.

The Pros And Cons Of Video Mobile Banner Ads


Mobile banner ads can be a great way to draw traffic to your website. Typically, you create a banner ad and then pay apps to display your banner to individuals using their app on their cellphone. When an individual clicks on your ad, they are transferred to your mobile website or asked to download your app, depending on how you have the banner set up. There are different types of mobile banner ads, including standard banner ads, interstitial banner ads, expandable ads and video banner ads. Each option has its own pros and cons. If you are looking to create a banner to draw traffic to your website or app, learn about the advantages and disadvantages of the different types of ads to create the one that is ideal in your situation. Keep reading to learn the pros and cons of video mobile banner ads. 

The Cons of Video Mobile Banner Ads

  • Videos Will Lag If There is Poor Cell Signal

One of the downsides to video mobile banner ads is that users may be unable to see your video or it may lag if they are in an area with poor cell signal or no wi-fi. This causes you to lose out on potential customers who otherwise may have been able to see a standard mobile banner. 

  • They Require More Work to Create

The other disadvantage to video mobile banner ads is that they require more work to create. Creating a video is more time consuming than a simple image. If you are hiring someone to create your banner for you and your budget is a concern, a simpler ad without a video is cheaper. 

The Pros of Video Mobile Banner Ads

  • A Video is Eye-Catching

One of the advantages to a video mobile banner ad is that a video is eye-catching. Many people are used to seeing standard banner ads and they overlook them or ignore them. It is hard to ignore a video playing at the top of you cellphone screen, which makes it more noticeable. 

  • A User Can Learn A Lot About You Quickly

The other benefit to video mobile banner ads is that you can give potential customers a lot of information quickly. A 30 second video allows them to see what your app or website is all about and how it may be enticing to them. They can glean a lot more information from a video compared to a standard banner ads that simply consists of one picture. 

Mobile banner ads can be an effective way to advertise your website or app and draw people to it. But the type of ad you display has an affect on how effective your marketing efforts will be. Take the time to learn the pros and cons of the different options to determine which may be the best choice for your website or app. 


28 November 2017