Break Through Student Cynicism To Market Your New Startup


College students are often an interesting market to focus on as a startup. These individuals will be, in some ways, immature and still growing. However, others will have the intelligence to see through many marketing campaigns and will be harder to reach. That said, there are many benefits of breaking through this market when creating a startup. Simply put, the student population remains strong – though its growth has decreased slightly in recent years – and still makes up a large portion of your potential marketing focus.

28 May 2019

Three Branding Approaches For Your New Cannabis Company


As a growing number of states legalize cannabis of all types, many new businesses are popping up to produce, sell, and distribute this product. If you want to jump into this market, you should consider one of these three branding examples to best stand out from your potential competitors. Showcase What You Do High-quality cannabis branding should focus on an element that makes your company different from others. For example, you may have the total package: you grow, cut, package, and sell cannabis directly to your customers.

20 March 2019