Making Your Marketing Dollars Count

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Three Branding Approaches For Your New Cannabis Company


As a growing number of states legalize cannabis of all types, many new businesses are popping up to produce, sell, and distribute this product. If you want to jump into this market, you should consider one of these three branding examples to best stand out from your potential competitors.

Showcase What You Do

High-quality cannabis branding should focus on an element that makes your company different from others. For example, you may have the total package: you grow, cut, package, and sell cannabis directly to your customers. Let them understand that this helps you control every element of the process and ensures that all of your cannabis is of the highest quality.

However, you also need to make sure that you do produce high-quality cannabis for your customers. For example, if you focus so heavily on how you control every quality element of your cannabis and your quality is poor, then you have no excuses that you can fall back on. Only use this angle if you're truly confident in your cannabis production.

Make the Brand Seem High-Class

For many people, the idea of cannabis may seem rather low-class or inappropriate. However, you can brand your cannabis company in such a way that it seems upper class or attractive to others. For example, many facilities are producing very attractive and handsome bags for their cannabis that make their product seem more high-end.

The upshot of this approach is that you can increase your price, as long as your cannabis is of high quality. You can also appeal to people who may not buy into the cannabis or marijuana culture that is common in many youth sub-cultures. Think of how you'd try to sell cannabis to your mother or grandmother to get an idea of this approach.

Focus On a Unique Strain

Are you planning on selling all strains of cannabis, or do you want to specialize? Specialization may seem more limiting, but it can create more business by making your business the go-to spot for certain strains. For example, you may sell only strains that relax people and focus your branding on this element of cannabis consumption.

Or maybe you want to focus more on pain control with your cannabis agency. Brand your company to showcase this fact by including a very medical presentation and doctors helping to testify on behalf of your facility. This approach makes you seem more reliable than other types of cannabis companies.

So if you are interested in opening up a cannabis dispensary or any other type of cannabis-related facility, make sure that you seriously consider these branding opportunities and consult with a cannabis branding agency. Doing so will help increase your potential success and create a high-quality business that serves your needs and those of your community.


20 March 2019