Making Your Marketing Dollars Count

It isn't always easy to know how to advance your business, but with the right marketing company, you can create a company you can be proud of. I started focusing on my own business about a year ago, and by working with an online marketing business, I was able to completely transform things for myself. Within a few short months, people were learning about our business and gravitating towards our online store, and I was happy to see how much of a difference it made. Read this blog to learn more about marketing and how to move your business into the online world.

3 Attributes Of The Most Effective Blog For A Law Firm Website


Among most law firms, competition is fierce. Part of gaining clients is being the first law firm to garner a client's attention when they go looking for help. Because of this, part of your legal marketing plan should always be ensuring that your website is so stellar and functional that it is easiest to find among your competitors in the region.

Implementing a blog on your law firm website is an easy way to give the site more presence online and make it easier to find. However, just slapping up a bunch of information on your attorney blog is not your best marketing plan where online presence is concerned. Here is a look at three important attributes of the most effective blog for your law firm's website. 

The blog is easy to access and navigate through. 

Just like your website, your blog should be user-friendly. You want this portion of your website to be easily accessible from the other pages of your site so that someone visiting can easily see that you have a blog and can easily navigate to it. The more accessible and easy to use the blog is, the more likely your page visit numbers will go up, and then, the more likely it will be that search engines recommend your blog when a client is seeking information. 

The blog is filled with useful information. 

Too many attorneys create a blog but send little time considering what should be put on the blog. Simply uploading basic and generic articles or using the blog as a promotional playground is not going to provide visitors with enough respectable information that they will learn to trust your authority. Work with a law firm marketing service to beef up your website blog with informational content your prospective clients could be looking to find. 

The blog is built with SEO marketing in mind. 

A blog is important because it helps foster an image of being a reliable informant in the eyes of clients, but it is also a sly way of boosting your search rankings for your website overall. If the content you use on your blog is created with SEO marketing in mind, it helps bring your business listing to the top of the page in search engine ranking lists. So just like your website, your blog should be rich in keywords, phrases, meta titles and tags, and imagery that is perfectly aligned your SEO marketing plan. 


7 December 2017