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3 SEO Tips for Optimizing Your Pinterest Business Account


Search engine optimization is not just for Google. Pinterest has become an increasingly popular visual search engine and helps drive traffic to blogs and articles. Pinterest is a particularly useful tool for bloggers, especially if you know how to properly use SEO when you configure your pins.

Make Sure You Have a Business Account

The type of account you have makes a difference in how the content you pin is treated on Pinterest. You want to have a business account. If you accidentally made a personal account, do not worry, as you can upgrade your personal account to a business account.

With a business account, you will have more tools to track the success of each of your pins. You will get more detailed data that will allow you to optimize your account.

Use an SEO Friendly Name & About You Description

The name you choose for your Pinterest profile matters. As a business, you should use your business name, if possible, for your Pinterest name. In your "about you" description, you need to write a description that includes important keywords that relate directly to your business. This will help Pinterest know who to show your profile content to.

For example, if you run a company that sells dog beds, you would want to include keywords such as dogs, dog beds, pet accessories, and pet furniture in your profile. Your profile should include the key target words your target audience would use to search for your content on the platform.

Create Targeted Boards

On Pinterest, you put up visual content that directs users back to your website by "pinning" the information onto boards that you create on your profile. You want to create both general and very specific boards for your profile. The boards you create should be aimed at the keywords and content you want users to come to your website for.

For example, for a dog bed store, you will want to have general boards such as Dog Care Tips, Dog Fitness Ideas, Dog Furniture Ideas, and more specific board titles, such as Small Dog Beds, Winter Dog Beds, Fun Dog Beds. The titles of your boards are not just random words; they should represent keywords you are wishing to target on the platform.

For each board, you want to write a keyword-rich description that further targets your ideal keywords. Each part of your profile on Pinterest, from your username to about me description to your boards and pin descriptions, should be written to optimize your content for this visual search engine platform. You need to use careful keyword research, just like you do with the meta tags and alt images on your website. 

If you need assistance with optimizing your Pinterest pins for SEO, or if you need help in general with optimizing your website for SEO, reach out to an SEO company. An SEO agency works on these topics every day, and they are at the forefront of the ever-shifting SEO landscape and can help you optimize all your online content.


17 March 2020